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You have waited such a long time for your gorgeous baby to arrive.

It feels like forever when you are expecting for your newborn to make its presence into your lives.

Documenting these first days, weeks as a new family is very important.

You can trust me on this - you will quickly forget all the details of this chaotic time.

The photos you take today, will become very valuable as time goes on.

In the future you'll be able to sit down with your children, show them these precious photographs and share your wonderful memories.

These are not just photos, but memories that you will be cherished for years to come.

And if you are feeling a little self - conscious about your post - baby body, I can do everything to make you feel comfortable, choosing the most flattering angles.

Your little newborn baby is so tiny and you won't believe how quickly they will change.

The best time to take your baby for a newborn photo session is when they are still in their first two weeks.

The first 14 days of your baby are when they are at their most sleepy state. It will be easier to take photos and good chance to have cute little poses.

As you can see, newborn photo sessions are priceless and they can only happen once.

Take a look through my newborn portfolio, or contact me to chat about scheduling your newborn photoshoot.

Saffron Walden photographer
Saffron Walden newborn photoshoot
Saffron Walden newborn session
Saffron Walden photographer
Saffron Walden photographer
Saffron Walden photographer
Saffron Walden photographer
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