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Children Photography in The Bluebells | Saffron Walden |

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

How can we be in April already? Bluebells are blooming! April and May are always busy months for child & family photographers, because of the emergence of the bluebells. I am super lucky to have access to a private wood meaning that nobody else will be around and I know where all the best blooms are. Best time to photograph bluebells is early in the morning or late afternoon into the evening. Avoid midday if possible. Try shooting from low down as you can create a gorgeous purple blur at the front of your image. I am so sad about missing the bluebells session this year. It is such an enchanting setting to photograph little ones. It is so magical and inspiring. If you are near bluebell fields, go for a walk. Take some nice pictures of your kids & dogs next to the bluebells. Enjoy the gorgeous carpet of flowers!

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