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"Capturing the Enchantment: A Bluebells Woodland Photoshoot"

Bluebells sessions are ideal for capturing the love and magic of children playing, siblings together, mum and daughter portraits, maternity and families with dogs.

My studio is less then a 10 minute walk from where we leave the cars and ground is flat on the nice walk to the beautiful spot. It's more of a bluebell experience as the bluebells are though the woodlands.

I love to capture and share the beauty around me. My photos are bright, full of space, with dreamy background.

I love capturing memories and that is a big part of why I photograph. My memory is terrible, especially with busy life as a mum of two I just love to look back through photo albums and remember happy times.

I am currently taking bookings for family Bluebells photoshoot in Saffron Walden, Essex.

If you would like to have a Bluebells session this spring get in touch with me to book. Session takes around 30 minutes and we are going ahead once we know weather forecast.

See you soon,


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