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How did I become a photographer?

I am grateful for this career and what I have learnt and accomplished from it.

I was 10 years old when Communism fell in Poland.

I have never held a camera until the age of 11!

My childhood was spent living with my grandparents in their house on a country lane in Poland. We had amazing winters with snow up to a metre high! I remember one of my childhood thoughts and ideas was to decorate our lane with lights and photograph it.

I wanted to capture the amazing colours of light and the carpet of snow.

This was my dream.

I became a photographer from the passion of capturing a moment which is then gone forever and impossible to reproduce.

I achieved an M.A degree in Social Anthropology and I also finished a year's study in journalism.

From the very start of my career I worked with children of all ages and this quickly became my speciality.

I am 70% self - tough and have learnt by making many mistakes which have enabled me to improve my craft and talent. I also have a keen "eye".

My interest in photography grew when my children were born.

It became a great passion and something of an obsession.

What I love about photographs that they can freeze a moment which is then gone forever and we will never be able to replace it.

" Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow us to look into the future ".

Marta Cayzer

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